We have been working leather since 1976, when we opened Daino 2, a small atelier with a laboratory. Since then we work for prestigious brands, both Italian and foreign, true reference points for the leather industry.

Now with Cokkodrilla we do all this for us. Draw,model and sew. Create design leathers that are only ours, tell people about them and send them all over the world. We imagine our bag next to the most different women, connected by the desire of feeling beautiful and feeling good about themselves and with other people.

Cokkodrilla means few things but well done: all Italian design, timeless elegance and high quality home made products.

atelier daino sassulo

Everything is born in our lab in Sassuolo, heart of our creativity, fundamental of our passion for beautiful things, accurate in every detail. Here lies the secret of a newborn brand that wants to go far.


Cokkodrilla uses carefully selected European calfskin tanned in Italy, without harmful chemical additives and in full respect of the health of the workers.

Bonded lining with colored suede-effect tissue. It is an expensive operation that has two great advantages: it supports the shape of the bag and makes it very practical to use. In this way you will immediately find what you have put in and it will be easier to keep the inside clean.